The Pain of a Missed Opportunity

Sometimes in life we come across an opportunity that we know will be successful. We feel it deep in our bones that it could lead to something tangible, the breakaway business moment that we have been waiting for. I am someone who gets very excited about these types of prospects and am ready to dive right in. This like many others came with a price of entry. One that was too much to just pay for, one that was not in the budget.

I was ready to go all in and show how valuable of an opportunity this was to my wife. But it wasn’t in the budget and this wasn’t the first opportunity that I had come across. As we talked through it I could feel the argument rising with in me the classic ‘this time it’s different’. But I could not say it, up until this point it wasn’t. I needed to show how it was different before I could justify the expenditure. It was time that I proved that this online business that I have been dancing around all these years was actually possible.

I can see others finding success and know that I have the ability to make it happen to. But sometimes you have to get to the proof before you can go all in on the opportunity. This was painful to accept, I know that signing up for this would shorten my time frame to success. But I also know that I have felt this way before. I have learned much through my past failed ventures (and thankfully not lost anything significant besides time). I can tell that I am closer to my goals than I have ever been in my life but it’s not enough.

At some point the proof has to be in the pudding or I am just forever bouncing from one thing to another. It is time that I choose my path forward and chip away at it everyday until I have undeniable proof. Investing into something to get a head start cannot be a substitute for understanding. Money spent can be a useful commitment device but it is something that has to be agreed upon within a relationship. I see my path forward is visible but blocked by skill gaps that need to be overcome.

I am ready to truly start my entrepreneurial journey but need to lay down the foundation that is required to make that happen. I have come to love writing and look forward to finding the path towards an income from this new found passion. I just cannot be discouraged by these road blocks and continue to find the way through them. Now is the time to practice and learn.

The lesson being if you are in a relationship and want to pitch an expenditure, do so with the receipts. I know my wife believes in me and she is always encouraging but it is up to me to prove the validity of my pursuits through hard evidence. Through the income that I claim is possible.

What have been some of your past failures and what did you learn from them? Follow my blog for updates on when new posts go live.

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