Be the Builder

We are all pulled in two directions in this life. One path is that of the builder, the one who sees possibility all around them and enacts upon it. The other path is that of the destroyer, the one who sees only the darkness around themselves and tries to sabotage the builders. In reality we are all some combination of the two but can actively work towards becoming more and more of the builder.

The pulls of the destroyer are unchecked pleasure seeking. The pleasures of this world are lovely to have but everything has its limits. Chasing endless pleasures leads to a surface level of fulfillment that reveals the shallowness of these pursuits in between the highs of pleasure. This applies to all forms of shallow pleasure and may lead you to the question of what is one to do if this applies to them to some extent. Well simply put you start to change your behavior.

The builder on the other hand seeks pleasure in change. The journey of growth drives the builder forward. The irony of course being the pleasures of life are much sweeter when put into proper balance. The builder is not static but always keenly searching for the next pursuit to improve on. The builder seeks to lift those around them up. Helping to build society in a positive direction bringing more safety and kindness to those around them.

Actively working to improve ones self is such a noble pursuit. It will lead each of us to a better life and the world at home. Challenging ones beliefs and ideas to ensure that you are not holding onto any of the traits of a destroyer. The voices that tell you that you are not good enough, that try and get you to sabotage important relationships. The downward spiral of self destruction is something many of us are all too familiar with. Do not let these unwelcome thoughts bring a halt to the personal development that you are pushing for.

The world will reshape to that which you ask it to, if you ask for long enough. The mental narrative’s that we each tell ourselves shape the way we view the world. If we only see what others have that we do not and feel that we deserve we won’t bother to make the changes necessary to achieve those goals for ourselves. Shift your narrative to one of endless capabilities and start to see the hard work that others have done to get the where they are now. Empathizing with others and understanding we all have our own battles. Battles that leave wounds in difficult to describe ways.

Whenever you run into a barrier that is preventing you from getting to a dream or a new positive desired state. Do not blame the world for your inability to currently cease the opportunity before you. Take this give of knowledge that was given to you as a guide for what you need to learn next. Taking on the newly discovered work with gratitude knowing that by the end of this you will be one step closer to your dream.

Progress is the essence of the builder, it is not what the builder always feels as growth is hard and leads to many points of discomfort. Learning to celebrate the small wins and be humble during the big ones helps level out the builder and helps prevent drifts back towards the destroyer.

What is it you are working to build in yourself, for yourself or for your community? Follow the blog for updates on when new posts go live.

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