I am an Entrepreneur and You Might be one too

It can be easy to feel like fraud while you are in the initial stages of any skill and that feels especially true with the skill set required to be a successful entrepreneur. It takes so many different skills to build a business especially the solo-preneur type of business where you intend to be a one person shop. This is the exact type of entrepreneurship that interests me as it offers the most freedom and flexibility while not limiting earnings. As things currently stand though I have not gotten to the point I want to be and still feel as though I am at the very beginning of my journey.

I am not though! I have spent the last few years improving myself and acquiring skills that I know have value. If this is sounding like you as well then take heart in the fact that you are not alone! This journey is long and will take each and everyone of us to places we did not expect to go. But if you are someone who has big ideas and doesn’t intend on quitting then you are an entrepreneur. That is assuming that you follow those big ideas with action and then follow that action with an evaluation that informs your following action. Then you continue this process until you reach the point that you have the money and lifestyle to backup the fact that you are an entrepreneur.

Dan Koe says “Your future isn’t about competition with others, it’s about competition with your distracted mind.” (the rest of the article can be found here). This to me clearly points to the fact that we as individuals have this ability to build within each of us but it is up to us to make it happen. We have to continue to push even when things are feeling pointless and like nothing is going to come of it. That is why we deserve to call ourselves entrepreneur’s and take on that identity as we continue to push forward. It is part of the journey to make mistakes and go down the wrong path but it is up to you to change course. To use the knowledge gained from each of these failures to get things moving back in the right direction.

I am often too hard on myself and cannot be the only one who feels as though they are making too many mistakes and not seeing success as quickly as they should. I am done allowing this to affect me and bring me down. I know the value that I bring to the table and will continue to refine and work out the best approach to distribute it. I am speaking to you to, you also have value and can do that which you are working towards. We need to press on and help make the world a better place with our solutions to the great many problems out there.

Another aspect to note is that problems are not going anywhere. As long as we exist we will have problems that need to be addressed. So as we all learn and grow we will be able to tackle these problems as they show up. It is possible that the problem that you find success from just hasn’t shown up yet and you are still in training to be ready for it.

Let me know below how long you have been working towards your goals. Follow my blog for updates on when new posts go live.

2 thoughts on “I am an Entrepreneur and You Might be one too”

  1. I feel like I just started my journey towards being my own boss even though it started 8 years ago. I am no pundit in my field even after 10,000 hours of it. I find a lot of purpose in life when I am not trading my time for a salary so someone else can live their dreams. Great post my friend.

    1. Thanks man! It feels really good to be building something for myself, even with the unclear path forward and the constant self doubt I know that I am moving in the direction that I should be.

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