Life is Complicated

It can be exhausting working to improve yourself while hearing about all of these simple easy techniques to accomplish goals but not seeing how you could fit them into your life. You have to give yourself some space to be able make mistakes and start to build out the ideal routine. Life is too complex, we will likely always be growing across multiple areas of life and need to accept the fact that this will impact other goals.

The fact that we are working to grow across many domains in life is actually a good thing. It may result in some goals taking longer than you feel they should but this is the more holistic approach to growth. Taking this approach will result in a deeper more fulfilling life. Spending all of your time working may give you a large bank account but if you spend no time working on relationships you will not have anyone to share it with.

I also believe that through the holistic approach you will end up better off across all domains as long as you keep pushing to improve. It may take longer but building a successful business and awesome relationships in tandem will help bolster each domain on its own. Having someone to decompress to and talk about different ideas will result in a better business. Inversely having a successful business and working on relationships will allow you to do more activities to help foster your relationships without concern for money.

This concept does not stop at business and relationships but permeates through all aspects of life. Keeping your living space clean makes creative work easier. Eating well makes you feel good and ready for a good workout. I am just a firm believer in the fact that building out a balanced life even with all of the difficulty associated with this process just makes everything better. To be able to go through life feeling like all of the gardens of life that are important to YOU are tended to, gives you peace.

Of course this is a difficult process that will result in a give and a take that can be quite the challenge to sort out. Having to prioritize between multiple things that are important to you is not easy but it is essential to ensure that you are building the life you want to live. I for example and very passionate about creating and have many creative endeavors that I am pursuing but often need to set them aside to take care of my kids. Even though this can be painful at times I know in retrospect that I am making the right choice. Being there for my kids is the top priority and knowing that allows me to let go of any guilt that starts to creep up and get back to my creative projects when I can.

To get this process working in your favor you need to list out your goals and general aspects of life and rank them in terms of priority. Of course even this results in some grey area because sometimes it will be the right call to work on your not number one priority. This will give you a good framework for decision making and help you reflect on your schedule to ensure that you are taking care of your different gardens in accordance with your priorities. Remember that this is a process and takes constant refinement as your life and priorities evolve.

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