The Beginning of Growth

Are you where you want to be in life? I think the answer for most of us is no, at least not entirely. That was definitely the case for me (still is in many ways) before I realized that for my life to change I had to change. All change begins with a desire for things to be different. Once you have that desire you then start by thinking about the things in life that you want to change.

If you are anything like me there are probably many things that you wish to improve on. Perhaps your work situation is not where you want it to be or your fitness level is holding you back. These are all things that you can work towards and should work towards but it can be overwhelming to try and tackle all of these things at once. I would recommend starting with the things that are holding you back the most and building up from there.

Now an important thing to note about change is that it is not easy. Whatever change you are working towards you need to give yourself some space to make mistakes. You need to keep the desire alive by allowing yourself the confidence that you can in fact make this change stick even though it is hard. You have it within you to do this new thing, in fact I would go so far as to say you have it within you to do all of the new things that you want for your life, it will just take time.

This mindset is what can allow you to just pursue your goals even when you are not seeing the results that you want to. The results will come you simply need to continue to fail until you succeed. Even if you still have a long ways to go on on your goals this will allow you to give yourself the time necessary to build up your processes and iterate until you start to see the desired results. This may all sound complicated but it really just requires that you reflect on your new process and ask yourself… Is this approach effective? Am I getting my desired results? How could I make this process better? There is always room for improvement so finding a good pattern to keep processes updated helps you get even more effective.

Growth is a complex and difficult process but as long as you trust yourself to get to your intended result eventually and continue to try you will make progress! Progress will likely be slow at first as you are just getting used to being uncomfortable. Having an unshakable faith that change is possible and that you can do it will allow you to push through discomfort that you never thought possible before.

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