AI Linguistics – Part Three

“Hello and welcome to this weeks five o’clock segment ‘changing tides’ where we cover that which is shaping the world around us.” said Christy the lead anchor.

“That’s right Christy.” followed Tom the support anchor “we are joined by John Juggler a local who is looking to help solve the worlds problems.” finished Tom.

“Yes welcome John I would like to start by asking what prompted you to start taking on problems that many had written off?” asked Christy.

“Yeah thanks for having me and uh well its quite simple actually, many of these problems are written off because of vested interest in not solving them even though many have fairly straight forward solutions that need to just get implemented.” Responded John.

“Well what about in the case where the vested interest is solving a problem with their product or service?” smugly asked Tom.

“This is the case with most companies or corporations actually, the problem stems from them thinking about issue in too narrow of a manor resulting in solutions that cause new problems.” calmly responded John “What we need to do as a society is to start considering the down stream impacts of the solutions that we try to implement before we go forward with them.”

“That just sounds like more gunk in the system, capitalism has solved all of our problems to this point. I think that given enough time more corporations will solve these problems through American ingenuity!” responded Tom confidently.

“Well that runs counter to some of the points that John made in his book that capitalism as it stands is set up to save money and externalize costs where ever possible which does not result in companies being motivated to solve the problems that they cannot easily profit off of.” said Christy “Did I get that right John?”

“Yes that is exactly right Christy, without proper regulations and enforcement these companies have no reason to want to change and in fact it might run against their legal requirements to make decisions based on shareholder-.” responded John.

“Alright that brings us to our sponsors segment from black gold, the worlds leading oil harvester helping get you to where you need to be!” cuts in Tom “Find their products at any gas station with the coal logo near you, and now back to our main segment.” Finished Tom.

“We want to thank John for joining us today for this iteration of rising tides.” said Christy “We will be back with more next week, John any final words?”

“Yes I wanted to thank you for having me and hope that more people begin to see that all of these problems are solvable we just need to think bigger and work together!” responded John.

“Competition over cooperation, that is how you get things solved!” interjected Tom “Thank you for stopping by John, now for this next segment we will be talking about how sometimes it is good for a community to get run off from a big job provider…”

Tom’s voice trailed off as John left the call and was suddenly alone in his office again.

Thanks for the read! There will be more to come with a new part coming out every week. Follow for updates on when new parts come out and let me know what you think of the story so far down below!

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