AI Linguistics – Part Two

Katie watched as the door closed behind Gordan and was filled with excitement to head back and start digging further into Gordan’s problem. She waited for as long as she could to make sure Gordan did not come back with any further questions then got up and locked the front door. Now it was time for them to get to work. She went back to her desk and grabbed Gordan’s problem statement then walked up to a door that looked as uninteresting as the rest of the office and went in.

The back room was much larger than the waiting area and had multiple spaces set up for various types of work. Desks that were either cleared off and open for whatever type of use or completely covered in various technical components for different experiments. Then some with various chemistry equipment, it appeared like the space was setup for just about any type of work that comes up.

Katie meandered through the tables and desks until she made it to a door at the back of the room and went inside.

“I’ve got it!” proudly announced Katie before the door had even finished closing behind her.

“Glad to hear it.” responded a man with his back turned towards the door while pouring over various documents laid out on the desk in front of him “How easy has Mr. Apple made things for us?” continued the man.

“Honestly the problem statement looks much more thorough than what we are used to…. nothing that the AI Linguist himself couldn’t handle.” Jibed Katie

“Okay you know I hate being called that.” responded the AI Linguist himself “Now hand over that problem statement so we can get to work.” he continued.

“I know, but that is part of what makes it so makes it so much fun John.” responded Katie while handing John the problem statement.

John took a few minutes to review the problem statement before saying anything. Clearly taking his time to gain an understanding of the situation at hand.

“Well I totally agree with your assessment Katie, we are going to be able to start work shopping solutions right away. We have a clear timeline to get a solution implemented by and a good idea of at least one of the major culprits. I will feed this to Henry to try and narrow down where we should start.” Said John.

John approached a desk in the corner of the room with a laptop and a couple of external monitors on it. He opened the laptop signed in and began scanning the problem statement into an application on his computer.

“Alright, while Henry churns on that we should go and get some lunch I am starving.” said John

“Sounds good to me, can’t solve the worlds problems on an empty stomach.” responded Katie.

“I mean technically we could but we probably would not be as effective, but yeah I get what you mean.” said John.

“You know sometimes its okay if statements are not perfectly accurate.” said Katie with a slight eye roll.

“I know I know, it is just hard for me to not comment. Something I will forever be working on. But anyways let’s go eat.” responded John as he grabbed his keys and made his way to the door.

“Yes I am already impatient to see what Henry has in store for us…” said Katie as she followed closely behind John.

Thanks for the read! There will be more to come with a new part coming out every week. Follow for updates on when new parts come out and let me know what you think of the story so far down below!

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