David Goggins Inspiration – A Short Story

“And that is why I will never quit…” trailed off David as he finished up his speech.

Feeling the urge to wrap up his words with action a nearby ceiling pipe caught his eye and he knew in that moment that he was going to be doing pull ups on that pipe.

While David approached the pipe the crowd went silent in quite anticipation. As David grabbed hold of the pipe the people way at the back of the crowd could hear the metal hit metal.

David started slow to make sure his form was perfect as he completed his first pull up, cheers and excitement began to erupt from the crowd. Each consecutive pull up was like a blast of inspiration flowing out through the crowd and they began to feel the draw to action that David had felt.

One crowd member out front could no longer contain himself and ducked under the rope that separated the crowd from David and he began doing pull ups next to him. After that it was as if the flood gates had been opened as other members of the crowd began to rush forward to join in on the pull up session that was unfolding.

The rope lay trampled on the floor and a strange energy was building up in the room as everyone was doing pull ups in perfectly synced up. It didn’t take long before the buildings pipe mounting began to show signs of distress as the reps started to increase.

Then in an instant the energy shifted as the first section of pipe collapsed under the pressure and water began to poor out into the room. As people are being swept away from the water and beginning to rush towards the exit, David is still busting out pull ups seemingly unaffected by the chaos that is unfolding around him.

“What the hell is going on?” asked the person at the front desk as people began to rush out of the stairwell completely soaked.

“A pipe burst downstairs and its flooding fast.” responded one of the members of the crowd as they continued to make there way to the exit.

“Ugh this couldn’t have waited another fifteen minutes until I was off…” Muttered the front desk clerk as he began to call the emergency maintenance number.

“Did everyone get out?” asked the front desk clerk while he was waiting for the maintenance team to pick up.

“Everyone from the audience did, I was the last one up.” responded a member of the crowd “But last I saw David was still down there doing pull ups.” they continued.

“Doing pull ups?” asked the front desk clerk “Well the place was flooding?”.

“Yes!” responded the member of the crowd “David just don’t quit.”

By the time the maintenance team was able to respond the entire downstairs was flooded and a rescue diving team was dispatched to look for survivors.

“Alright team this mission is labeled as a search and rescue but the entire downstairs has been flooded for over fifteen minutes.” said the diving team lead “I think we all know what we are likely to find down there” she continued.

As they made there way through the staircase they were relieved to find nothing and began to make their way to the back of the room where the presentation was said to be held. As they approached the stage they saw movement towards the back of the stage and were startled to see a man doing pull ups completely submerged under water.

The diving team approached to try and grab him to bring him upstairs with them but he waved them off, indicating that he would swim himself out and refused any offer of air. The diving team attempting to keep pace with him but he was gone before they were even able to make it out of the stage area.

A few minutes passed as the bewildered diving team made their way back upstairs after verifying that no one else was downstairs, doing their best to try and catch up to the man that they were supposed to be rescuing. Once they emerged from the new downstairs pool they approached the front desk.

“Did you see a man come out from downstairs?” asked the diving lead to the front desk clerk.

“Yeah he came out a few minutes ago and I asked him if he was okay and he just said ‘Yeah I’m great just need to get a run in.'” responded the front desk clerk “and then he just took off.” he continued.

“It was quite strange, he was doing pull ups when we found him down there. After not having oxygen for at least fifteen minutes.” said the diving lead “I didn’t think that was possible.” she said almost just to herself.

An investigation was undergone to figure out what had happened and who was at fault. The blame was placed squarely at David Goggins feet.

David has been on the run ever since.

Hes never been happier.

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