The Wandering Husband

The halls are empty save for a few nurses stationed at desks placed along the way. He has a glint of purpose in his eyes that can be easily missed from the clear exhaustion that he is experiencing. This husband just had a new baby and has been dispatched to take care of the needs of his wife and new child. A quest that will be successful even though it may not be efficient.

Nurses may ask if help is needed and it will of course be politely declined for the exhaustion is not quite strong enough to eliminate the pride… At least not yet. On occasion one wandering husband may encounter another but will simply pass them by each with their own quest that will not be failed.

The hospital may be a vast maze for the untrained but a husband on a mission will accomplish whatever the current goal at hand may be. Water refill, a run for food that contains more flavor than the cardboard served at the hospital, whatever the objective is the husband cannot fail… Will not fail. Service to the wife and the new child is all that the husband can do after the wild experience that birth entails for the husbands wife.

The only rest the wandering husband can receive is from some sort of pull out device provided by the hospital in short spurts interrupted by the cries of the husbands new offspring. All diapers are to be handled by the husband as his wife has used up all ability to maneuver for the time being and requires rest before attempting any further diaper duties.

When dispatched the wandering husband must stay focused on the current objective as to ensure that the wife and offspring are properly cared for. No matter how comfortable the nearby broom closet looks the wandering husband must press on to acquire the sustenance required to keep himself and his wife going.

I had this idea for a short story/documentary after the birth of my wife and I’s son, let me know what you think below. Follow to get updates when new posts go live!

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