Books Must be Defended

Book bans have become common place throughout this country (USA) and its a problem we need to overcome. Books are portals to new ideas and it honestly doesn’t matter how we feel about ideas contained in a certain book. The goal should never be to try and remove books (there are probably exceptions but that is not the norm) but to teach people how to entertain different ideas without accepting them. The knowledge that are wrapped up in books is immense and we need to be supporting the proliferation of knowledge not trying to narrow it.

Attacking different books because of ideas that contradict your own simply shows that maybe your ideas are outdated. An idea should be able to stand on its own and not require anyone to fend off new ideas to preserve old ideas. We need to be embracing change and new ideas now more than ever. We have a lot of big problems in the world today and opening our minds to new ideas is essential to help tackle these problems. These attempts to limit available knowledge and try and force us all backwards need to be pushed back against.

I firmly believe that as we work to get more ideas in front of more people and help teach each individual how to navigate through new ideas we will be better and better off. People trying to eliminate libraries and ban books are simply trying to force everyone down a specific thought path and control the masses. This path will only serve those at the top and result in the issues we are facing to continue to get worse. It would also put the masses in the position that they deal with the fallout of the issues being ignored and are less able to do anything about them.

I am confident that we are smarter than these authoritarians that are trying to control us and will not allow such measures to be successful. But we must be sure to stand up and state the fact that we will not allow them to force us into ignorance. It also really feels like many of these people are desperate to try and seize power. These moves that they are making are pretty obvious moves to try and get power and really show how little they think through the implications of the messages that are being sent out. Reacting to new ideas with fear is simply cured by education. Fear thrives on ignorance and goes to die as we become more educated.

If these moves bother you as much as they do me take these banned book list as reading recommendations and see if you can tease out what ideas are bringing fear to these politicians. We live in an amazing time for knowledge and have the main challenge of sifting through to find the signal from the noise. Working together as a community to increase our knowledge at the level of the individual can help us come together and solve the problems that we are all facing. Removing books only serves to set us back and prevent the forward progress that we need to get through these challenges.

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