The Challenge of Change

In life we face many challenges as we grow older and face more aspects of reality. Change is an inevitable aspect of life and one that I have come to believe needs to be expected. We cannot will our lives to stay the same and in fact I wouldn’t want it too. There are aspects of my life that are exactly where I want them to be right now but the need to grow and improve is something that brings me a lot of meaning.

Change comes in many forms and in many varying degrees. I have come to find that big incoming changes that I have to wait for bring me challenges more so than change that can be faced immediately. The lead up to my daughter being born and my son (which I am currently experiencing) puts me in a mental state that is prepared for change. But wrapped around a specific event. I am prepared for life the shift once we have a second child but that could still be weeks away.

This gives me trouble as someone who is always looking to improve as I want to continue improving now but find it difficult to make changes when I know I have another big change incoming. I also know that it will be a challenge to maintain my current habits once we have a new born let alone a bunch of new habits. I am left feeling torn between no excuses I need to continue to get better and it’s okay to pump the breaks a little bit right now and just focus on my family until the dust has settled and we are used to being a four person family.

Realistically I now know from experience that bringing a child home really pulls the rug out from under you and requires pretty much full attention for an unknown amount of time. Family is my number one priority so it really comes down to me being there for my family especially as my wife recovers and we find our new rhythm. We now know what it is like to take care of a new born but we are going to be learning how to take care of a new born and a toddler.

There are many incoming changes that can shake your foundation and leave it in a state of limbo that makes it difficult to implement changes. I am still navigating this myself but feel like it just boils down to me doing my best. So if you have a big move or job change or whatever really that is weighing down on you and impeding you from pursuing other goals just know that you are not alone. These big shifts take away a lot of mental energy and make it a challenge to start adding more change to your life. Remember to be kind to yourself and you can always start planning out what you want to focus on once the dust settles.

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