The Tournament Effect

As the ref calls us forward onto the mat it’s almost as if I am floating above myself while I bow and start walking up to the ref. The air feels thick and each movement feels more momentous. You shake hands with the ref and your competitor and then all of the sudden it’s on. You engage your adversary and clash to begin to test their defenses. The world has shrunk down to just you and your adversary. You can hear bits and pieces of coaches talking and the crowd but it seems distant even with it being mere feet away.

This is a fascinating state of being to get into and something I would recommend everyone try out in one way or another. Doing something that is so intense that every fiber of yourself is attuned to that one thing. My mind is fully locked in no other thoughts beyond what I need to do in this moment to inch closer to victory. Time itself seems to bend around the competition with bad positions feeling like they are lasting forever and good position feeling fleeting.

Life can be overwhelming at times and it really helps to be able to find ways to set aside all of the things vying for your attention and just focus on one thing. Even though the main mental narrowing of this effect is short lived. The benefits linger afterwards for quite sometime and result in you just feeling more in tune with your objectives and like at least in part your emotional struggles have been reduced. Finding things that demand your attention such as BJJ or any combat sport really help hone the mind. Combat sports are simply the easiest example, any type of competition against others or even yourself can provide these benefits.

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