The Bachelor Party Benefits

Coming together as a group with the singular purpose of celebrating a couple is a tremendous experience. To be apart of a group full of love and their to be supportive by opening yourself up to new people. Coming together this way leads to a lowering of walls that you just don’t experience much outside of situations like this. Just knowing that these people that I don’t know are loved and cared for by someone very important to me makes the connection easy and natural.

I have found that as I have gotten older it is much harder for me to meet new people and make friends so getting placed into a situation like this is always so refreshing and special. I feel that I have established connections in just a matter of days that would be a challenge to develop outside of such a situation nearly as quickly. It is also such a valuable reminder of how many awesome people are out there that you are just unaware of.

As someone in my early thirties it is so important it is to be present with people and to make new friends. To be able to get to know someone in such a low pressure scenario is really refreshing and it is easy to forget how wonderful it is to meet new people without fear of judgment. I am not much of a party goer, which means I am not in these types of situations often. So, I really try and soak it in when the opportunity presents itself.

With all of the challenges facing us in day to day life, it is really nice to take some time to disconnect from challenges and connect with people. I am so grateful to the awesome people in my life and find it hard to believe sometimes how many other awesome people are out there unbeknownst to me. I am thankful to have met the people I did and excited to see them at the wedding.

Thanks for the read let me know a positive experience you have had connecting with new people at gatherings. Also please follow the blog for updates on future posts!

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