Balancing BJJ Training with Work and Family Life

It can be quite the challenge to add anything new to your life when you already have a slew of responsibilities. With a full time job and a growing family it has not been easy for me to integrate BJJ into my life as much as I would like to. It is honestly strange to be at the point in my life where going to train is actually the easy part and making time for it is the real challenge. The easy way to get started with something like this is to decide on a reasonable floor for the amount of times you intend on training in a week, for me my floor is twice a week and I generally hit that mark.

Twice a week is enough that I feel I am getting in some great workouts and pushing my BJJ skills forward while also being there for my family and keeping up with other responsibilities. I would like to train closer to three or four times a week but it honestly just is not realistic with all of the different things we have going on right now. So for the long term I am going to be focused on slowly shifting things around so that in the next couple of years I can actually consistently hit that higher training day count.

What is key in determining how much time you can put into something new is taking stock of your priorities in life right now. For me my number one priority is family and I need to make sure that I am there for my wife and daughter as much as they need me. This means sometimes missing my regular training days which can be frustrating but really is unavoidable with how crazy things can get with a toddler. We are also quickly approaching the birth of our second kid which will result in likely a month of little to no training while we acclimate to having two kids in the house.

BJJ is something that I have really come to love over training the last six months and I am dedicated to getting as good as I possibly can. When thinking about it in the long term like that I am able to see that yes right now my training days might be fairly limited but once the kids are each a few years old and in school that might not be the case anymore (at least not quite as limited as it is now). Even if my training has to be a little slower than I might prefer I would rather be moving forward at a slower pace then trying to wait for my schedule to be perfectly setup (probably will never just happen) to train as much as I want to.

Balancing all of this with all of my other pursuits is no easy task and I feel like I am dropping the ball all of the time. Something that I am starting to accept is my schedule may never feel like a well oiled machine and will likely always have some bumps and issues while I am continuing to push myself. At the end of the day growth is always going to come from discomfort and I want to always be growing as a person, dad, BJJ practitioner and insert all of the other pursuits I have.

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