Back to the Basics

For anyone who is trying to achieve any large objective it can be easy to reach for new heights and end up losing some previously established routines. It can be hard to then take the time to reestablish these routines even when they are foundational for health and continued effectiveness. For me it always seems to be sleep that I end up cutting into even with it being such an important part of a healthy life. An important part of growth is after a big push for growth, returning back to the basics to ensure that you have your health and other priorities in order.

I am realizing that after all of this time spent bettering myself that I have at one point or another done exceedingly well at pretty much every category of life. Where I struggle is maintaining this level of excellence while working on a different category of life. Sleep is such an important aspect of our health and I have made big improvements on the amount of sleep I get but still find myself struggling to get back into a more consistent bed time. I know that I could be a lot more effective if I went to bed at a consistent time and then built out time in the morning to work on things (like this blog) first thing, instead of late at night when I am tired. I could come to be more consistent and be able to put forward my best work.

This example is something I am sure that you can relate to as it can be so easy to let your health and well being slip while trying to make big things happen. I believe that you do not have to do that and in fact that keeping yourself healthy and happy is the key to unlock your full potential. I have yet to fulfill this for myself but can’t help but believe that someone in balance will be able to do anything. So please remember to take some time to think through your life and if you are meeting your needs for sleep or family time. It is so important to not only pursue that which draws us but to also be there for everything that you have already built and ensure you stand on a firm foundation.

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