What is Failure?

Is it failure to switch between different projects every few months? Is it failure to push your deadline back another week? Is it failure to not write a new blog post everyday? When you are pushing yourself to grow and get more and more accomplished you have to continuously evaluate your approach. I find that these moments though painful to go through really are just data. They lead to questions about if you need to give yourself a break or try something different.

So short answer is no, none of these things in of themselves are failure. They are each just an opportunity to evaluate how you are doing and what might need to change. Really the only way to fail is to stop so as long as you pick up where you left off you have not failed. It is important to evaluate why this struggle came up so you can make any necessary adjustments to help move forward. For me personally I often find that sometimes I just push myself to hard and need to take some time to relax and let things unravel a little bit before I hit the ground running with a updated plan.

On the days that this happens to me it definitely feels like failure but then given enough time these days are barley even remembered if you just get back to it once you have recovered. If you are like me and have many different long term goals in the works and it can be very difficult to tell if I have chosen the right path by focusing on that long term goal you can take short term loses as data to learn from to help your long term goals.

In conclusion, we should strive to embrace setbacks and struggles as opportunities for growth and learning. By taking a step back and evaluating our approach, we can identify areas of improvement and adjust our strategies accordingly. We should also recognize that taking breaks or shifting focus is not a sign of failure, but rather a natural part of the growth process. By adopting a growth mindset and continuing to push ourselves towards our goals, we can achieve success and realize our full potential.

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  1. This article is uplifting to someone like myself who views my own “failures” as a way to set myself back in progress, even more. So I am glad to have read about your perception on failure as to make mine not feel as weighted.

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