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I am at a busy stage in life which unfortunately leaves me with limited opportunities to train Jui Jitsu. I want to accelerate my growth and development as much as possible still so know I want to do something to train everyday. I got a training dummy a awhile ago and knew that it would be a great option for putting in some work at home but did not quite know how to approach the training.

This last week I have not been able to train at all from being sick and it lead to me putting a lot of thought into my at home training and how I could go about being effective with it. The solution I have come to is a combination between deliberate practice which is the selection of certain moves or techniques to focus on while training and to drill those chosen moves at home each day. What I hope to achieve with this approach is to refine the moves at home and increase the likely hood of me pulling them off in actual training.

What I am choosing to work on for starters is the arm weave pass so I have a solid guard pass to focus on. I also am very interested in getting good at triangles so have started drilling the setup and securing of triangles. My main submission right now is the rear naked choke so I have also been working to drill my back takes and then setup for a good rear naked. I haven’t thought of a good way to drill defensively with the training dummy yet otherwise what I am attempting to do is build out a solid pathway to victory for my upcoming tournament.

The moves themselves though are a little bit arbitrary and will of course depend on whatever it is that you yourself wishes to work on for your game. But what I hope is this will help you come up with a good solution for your at home practice. I will report back with how I feel this training approach is affecting my game but will need to give it a few weeks to start to really see any real results from my changes.

2 thoughts on “BJJ at Home Drilling”

  1. I have always wanted a training dummy. How is it? Once I moved to 90% training at home my strength and cardio went way up. I think my fighting technique is 90% worse than it ever was after years of not training.

    Looking forward to hearing more.

    1. I am really enjoying it and feel like now that I have selected a few moves to focus on it is allowing me to think through details that you can’t really focus on in live rolling. I am going to be doing some live rolling tonight so I am curious to see how well the drilling translates to a live roll but I might not really be able to determine that until after a few weeks of working through drilling. I bet a lot of that will come back once you get back into it, I feel like this stuff gets pretty deeply ingrained in you.

      I am really curious as well cause I am focused on trying to get as good as possible with my limited training time.

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