The Balancing Act

Life can get really hectic at times and those stretches are when we tend to find ourselves out of balance. To live a balanced life is to spend your time with all important aspects of life. The main categories are family/friends, work, health/fitness, spiritual (whatever that means to you). Generally, when things get hectic it results in a category taking time away from other categories.

This is not something that we have control over entirely but it is something that we need to be very aware of. When things remain out of wack for too long it can result in negative mental health impacts. Our bodies will let us know if we try and function for too long in an imbalanced state. The goal is to address the discrepancy well before we start to feel the impacts.

How you can do this is to do your best to focus on the problem at hand and try and develop a solution or at the very least a way to transition back to your healthy balance. A healthy balance is not something anyone can tell you exactly what you need to do to feel balanced. It’s far too specific to you and your values. You will be able to tell as you start to get closer to where you are meant to be.

It can be hard to bounce back after a shift in lifestyle. Try and build systems that you can use to get back into the habits needed to satisfy your needs. As you go through different seasons of life remember that you need to adjust your categories from time to time. Just make sure to not leave anything languishing for long.

2 thoughts on “The Balancing Act”

  1. Interesting post. Then there are also events that are way beyond your control (such as in my case, falling sick). I quickly learned that we need to base our plans on what we’ve been dealt with on any specific days, and they differ all the time. Anyway, thanks for this post!

    1. Yeah absolutely, we all deal with events that are out of our control and sometimes are simply unable to get as much done as we had hoped and need to be able to tamp down expectations during those times to allow our bodies to heal (at least in your example).

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