System, Workflow and Evolving Needs

When starting a project it is important to build a system around how to approach your workflow. Unless you have done a very similar project before this is something that you are going to get wrong and that is the point. You make your best guess as to what you need to do for your project and do those things until they no longer suit your needs.

As you get further along in a project you will get a better idea of what you actually need and can refine your process as you go. This is not something to feel like you failed to plan for more the result of effort put into an assumption that ended up being incorrect. This is valuable information that can allow you to adjust course and start to move more in the intended direction.

As you get deeper into a project you will begin to see things that never would have occurred to you before getting started. Your true needs will start to shine through and you will be able to start moving much more quickly towards your objectives. These “failures” to guess what you actually need at the start are the very stepping stones that guide you to what is needed for success.

Actual failure is only realized at the point that you decide to no longer try. I also want to stress that it is okay to stop working on any project that you feel is no longer giving you value or is something you realize is no longer what you wish to pursue. Just be sure to remember the lessons learned from this project to carry into the next one. Building a process is hard and requires a starting point even if it ends up being far off. Nothing is ever truly done either every single process has room for improvement you simply need to leave space in your workflow to make those improvements once you see the potential in them.

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