Don’t let a stumble turn into a fall

We all have tough days or weeks where we just can’t get as much done as we wanted. It is easy to have these times and just throw up our hands up and sit on the couch. Instead of that option, consider instead just doing what you can. Do what you can without guilt or judgment of what you don’t get done. This does two things for you 1) It allows you to continue moving forward no matter how little you are able to get done 2) It prevents you from getting angry at yourself and allows you to get through the difficult parts without falling.

Preventing the fall is key to allow you to rev back up once you are feeling better. That way through the ebs and flows of life your general trajectory will be heading in the right direction. Positive change over time is really all we can hope for. Most projects take awhile to complete so having more good days than bad is the best you can hope for. Each day focus on what you can get done today to move forward and long term focus on trying to get a little better everyday.

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