What got me into game design

I originally got into game design to work on video games. Which led me down the path of programming. Then I realized the insane hours that game programmers worked and was not interested in pursuing that any longer. Which I have since realized that the programmers often weren’t the ones actually designing the game anyways.

I always enjoyed playing board games but hadn’t gotten very deep into the variety of games that were available. Once I was introduced to Catan though I was hooked. After awhile I realized that designing a board game would be the perfect way to accomplish that goal from the past of designing my own game.

The pursuit of this is also inspired by the potential of forging my own path in life gaining the ability to create what I want. I also love the idea of owning my own business and being able to get creative with that side of things as well. There is so much potential for building awesome things in new ways and I am just happy to be moving towards that for myself. Thanks for reading, what was it that got you into game design?

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