Designing Your First Board Game

You did it, you came up with the absolute perfect board game idea. Congratulations that is quite the achievement, though not to burst your bubble but have you tried it yet? Playtesting your game the first time will generally result in you realizing massive gaps in your idea at least for me so if you get it right the first time then you must not be human.

I have been working on my game for around two years now and that has resulted in many peeks and valleys. For one the game that I am working on today is unrecognizable from the one I was working on in the beginning. This for me has been a very gradual process with many realizations on why certain things aren’t working and then having to go back to the drawing board.

It is totally worth it as I have much higher confidence in the game that I have now. Building anything tests you and forces you to think about things differently. This process has been very enjoyable for me but has also been filed with challenges. I will go from feeling like an absolute genius one day then feel like a doofus when I realize the gaps in my thinking the very next day.

It is a huge challenge to move forward with so much uncertainty but I would rather be moving slowly then not moving at all.

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